Developer Documentation

This document collects the documents and infos which are useful for developers of the PatternTesting framework.

Sourceforge Docs

Below are some links to important docs on Sourceforge:

Release Checklist

This is a little checklist for the next release:

  1. update src/changes/changes.xml for each subproject
  2. change the version in pom.xml (remove -SNAPSHOT) or start mvn release:clean release:prepare -Darguments=-Dgpg.passphrase=xxx
  3. build all artifacts from patterntesting-parent (mvn clean install source:jar javadoc:jar gpg:sign repository:bundle-create -Dgpg.passphrase=xx)
  4. upload bundles to If one of the signed bundles fail sign it manual, e.g. gpg -ba patterntesting-libs-1.0.3-bin.tar.gz and bundle it again (mvn repository:bundle-create) or remove the assembled zip file from the bundle (seems to cause problems).
  5. create the directory ${project.version} on Create the following subdirectories there:
    • check/ct
    • check/rt
    • concurrent
    • exception
    • libs
    • runtime
    • samples/intro
    • samples/jfs2010
    • samples/misc
    • tools
  6. the generated website is normally automatically copied to${project.version}. Check it and correct the link on the start page
  7. deploy the jar files to the local Maven repository:
    mvn deploy
  8. checkin the pom.xml (if not already done) and label the sources, e.g. with PATTERNTESTING_1_0_1_RELEASE
  9. optional: create patterntesting-x.x.x-test-sources.jar
    mvn source:test-jar
  10. provide the jar files for normal download (see Release Files for Download (FRS)):
    • login to Sourceforge
    • select File Manager from the Project Admin menu and upload the tar and zip files from patterntesting-libs, patterntesting-tools and patterntesting-samples (you can find it in the target directory).
  11. after a few days: check to patterntesting repository on if the new version was automatically distributed to it

If there is something wrong with the delivery to you can require a interactive shell:

ssh -t oboehm, create
cd /home/groups/p/pa/patterntesting/