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Release History

1.1.0-SNAPSHOT2011update to Java 6
1.0.318-Oct-2010upload version
1.0.206-Sep-2010holiday version
1.0.118-Jul-2010the version after JFS 2010
1.0.020-Jun-2010first org.patterntesting version
0.9.930-Dec-2009Silvester version
0.9.820-Dec-2009Christmas version
0.9.711-Sep-2009improved samples version
0.9.602-May-2009version for Stuttgarter TestTage 2009
0.9.531-Mar-2009split into 7 subprojects
0.9.220-Mar-2009version for Q1/2009
0.9.019-Jan-2009version for 2009
0.8.012-Dec-2008project split
0.6.102-Nov-2008extended thread support
0.6.005-Oct-2008support of AspectJ 1.6, more concrete aspects
0.5.127-Apr-2008AbstractNullPointerTrap improved
0.5.028-Jan-2008project reanimated

Release 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT - 2011

fixPMD errors fixed. Fixes 2859540.oboehm
fixOnlyForTestingAspect works now also for JUnit3 test code (PatternTesting Check.CT). Fixes 2926499.oboehm
addZipExceptions are enriched by the name of the zip file (PatternTesting Exception).oboehm
fix@LogRuntimeException and @LogThrowable works now for static methods inside the annotated class (PatternTesting Runtime).oboehm

Release 1.0.3 - 18-Oct-2010

add@TraceMe (and @DontTraceMe) allows you now to mark classes (or methods) for tracing.oboehm

Release 1.0.2 - 06-Sep-2010

addObjectTester / SerializationTester added in PatternTesting Runtime.oboehm
updateClasses for internal use moved to internal packages.oboehm

Release 1.0.1 - 18-Jul-2010

fixExceptionFactory has now a "fire"-Attribute with an exception which can be triggered now also by a subclass of the stored exception (feature of 1.1). Fixes 3027318.oboehm
updateFeedback from the Java Forum Stuttgart (JFS) included.oboehm
addScope can now be limited to a single class for the ExceptionFactory (feature of 1.1).oboehm
update@RunTestsParallel marked as deprecated because it is obsolete (replaced by ParallelRunner of PatternTesting Concurrent).oboehm
fixThe times reported by SmokeRunner and ParallelRunner for the JUnit tests are no longer logged two times.oboehm

Release 1.0.0 - 20-Jun-2010

updateNew PatternTesting logo and design of the website.oboehm
updateGroupId is now "org.patterntesting".oboehm

Release 0.9.9 - 30-Dec-2009

updateCustom ruleset for maven-pmd-plugin added.oboehm

Release 0.9.8 - 20-Dec-2009

addFindBugs and Checkstyle configured for each subproject.oboehm
updateSwitched from Continuum to Hudson as continuous integration system.oboehm

Release 0.9.7 - 11-Sep-2009

addBegin of users guide under

Release 0.9.6 - 02-May-2009

addDocuments updated and antipattern section added. At the moment this is only a small collection of known antipattern.oboehm

Release 0.9.5 - 31-Mar-2009

addpatterntesting-exception and patterntesting-concurrent are now a separate project.oboehm

Release 0.9.2 - 20-Mar-2009

updateSome typos and wrong links in the generated documentation are corrected.oboehm

Release 0.9.0 - 19-Jan-2009

removedepencency to net.jcip removedoboehm

Release 0.8.0 - 12-Dec-2008

updateThe project was splitted in several subparts: patterntesting-parent, patterntesting-rt (runtime), patterntesting-check, patterntesting-tools, patterntesting-samples.oboehm

Release 0.6.1 - 02-Nov-2008

addWith "@UnsupportedOperation" you can mark methods with missing or incomplete implementation. If you try to use such a method you will get an UnsupportedOperationException.oboehm
addWith "@LogRuntimeException" you can mark classes where you want to see each RuntimeException in the log.oboehm
addThreadSafeCollectionCheck prints warnings if you use not thread-safe collections in classes or method annotated with "@UseThreadSafeCollection".oboehm
addTo support thread testing there is now the annotation "@TestThread" which adds sleep() statements into the code to allow other threads to get active.oboehm

Release 0.6.0 - 05-Oct-2008

addThread support added with @ThreadSafe annotation and ThreadSafeAspect.oboehm
add@Immutable and ImmutableAspect added to mark immutable classes or methods which do not change the internal state.oboehm
updateBegin with support of Java 6 and AspectJ 1.6 (but still built with Java 5 compatibility)oboehm
addwrapper for IOExceptions for better error messagesoboehm
addIf the developer uses System.out or System.err this is printed now every time as warning. You can disable this warning for a class or method if use the annotations @SystemOutNeeded or @SystemErrNeeded. If you need it as error use AbstractSopTest.oboehm
addIf the developer uses e.printStackTrace() this is printed now every time as warning. You can disable it with the annotation @SuppressStackTraceWarning. If you need the use of e.printStackTrace() as error use AbstractStackTrace.oboehm
fixInternal e.printStackTrace() calls are now replaced by a log warning. This was a result of the new StackTraceAspect.oboehm
updateAbstractNullPointerTrap is deprecated and replaced by (concrete) NullPointerTrap. Only the annotation based solution with @NullArgsAllowed and @MayReturnNull is supported now. And you can mark now a whole class with these annotations.oboehm
updateswitched to JUnit 4 for unit testing (before: JUnit 3.8)oboehm
updateswitched to commons logging ( for more flexibilityoboehm

Release 0.5.1 - 27-Apr-2008

addTwo annotations @NullArgsAllowed and @MayReturnNull added which are evaluted by the

Release 0.5.0 - 28-Jan-2008

TypeChangesBy added to detect the originator of NullPointerExceptions (NPEs)oboehm
addI did a lot of improvement for the JUnit test cases. The original test cases did not run on my machine and build machine because there were some hard-coded directory structures which don't exist on my maschines. This is fixed now. Also I add a lot of other test cases for better understanding.oboehm
updateThe build process is now switched from Maven 1 to Maven 2. So the directory structure was changed as recommended by Maven 2.oboehm
updatereanimated and ported to Java 5. AspectJ 5 and Maven 2oboehm

Release 0.4-SNAPSHOT - 2005

updateImprove AjcTestCase by providing assertErrorEquals to more easily assert result from Ajc.ojojo

Release 0.3 - 14/09/2004

updateUpdated dependencies to support aspectj 1.2 and maven 1.0.ojojo
updateImproved web site: display the PatternTesting version the web site is documenting, more documentation, added documentation for the pattern test suites, etc.vmassol
removeRemoved the JUnit plugin that was used in release 0.1. It has been replaced by the AspectJ extension.vmassol

Release 0.2 - 15/09/2002