PatternTesting Samples (patterntesting-samples) is a collection of samples how to use the PatternTesting framework. It uses patterntesting-rt, patterntesting-check, patterntesting-concurrent and patterntesting-exception to give you some ideas how to use it.


samples-intro is an introduction to PatternTesting. It demonstrates the use of PatternTesting as pure Java libary and shows you how PatternTesting can help you to write (JUnit) tests.

This example is also described as Testing with PatternTesting in the PatternTesting Wiki.


samples-jfs2010 is a simple case study how PatternTesting can help you to find some common errors and bugs. It was introduced on the JFS 2010 (Java Forum Stuttgart 2010) and used as example for Pleiten, Pech und PatternTesting.


samples-misc is a collection of samples to demonstrate most of the features provided by patterntesting-runtime, patterntesting-check, patterntesting-concurrent and patterntesting-exception.


PatternTesting meets Google App Engine at patterntesting-samples.appspot.com (experimental)