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This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
patterntesting-rt PatternTesting Runtime (patterntesting-rt) is the runtime component for the PatternTesting framework. It provides the annotations and base classes for the PatternTesting testing framework (e.g. patterntesting-check, patterntesting-concurrent or patterntesting-exception) but can be also used standalone for classpath monitoring or profiling. It uses AOP and AspectJ to perform this feat.
patterntesting-tools PatternTesting Tools (patterntesting-tools) is the container for tools around PatternTesting like the Ant extensions and Maven plugin.
patterntesting-libs PatternTesting Libs (patterntesting-libs) simplifies the use of the PatternTesting libs by collecting them into one big jar file.
patterntesting-samples PatternTesting Samples (patterntesting-samples) is a collection of samples how to use the PatternTesting framework. It uses patterntesting-rt, patterntesting-check, patterntesting-concurrent and patterntesting-exception to give you some ideas how to use it.
patterntesting-compat Home of old and outdated classes.
doc PatternTesting-Parent is the parent of the PatternTesting family. The goal of PatternTesting is to verify Architecture/Design recommendations and to write better code more easily. It uses AOP and AspectJ to perform this feat.