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PatternTesting Libs (patterntesting-libs) simplifies the use of the PatternTesting libs by collecting them into one big jar file.

Projekt Module

Für dieses Projekt sind die folgenden Module definiert:

Name Beschreibung
patterntesting-check PatternTesting Check (patterntesting-check) is a quality framework that allows to automatically verify that Architecture/Design recommendations are implemented correctly in the code. It provides different checks of known anti patterns (like using System.out for logging) but provides also a test framework for better testing.
patterntesting-concurrent PatternTesting Concurrent (patterntesting-concurrent) is a collection of useful thread aspects. It has support for testing, for sychnronization and for concurrent programming. Some of the ideas used in this library comes from reading Brian Goetz's book "Java Concurrency in Practice".
patterntesting-exception PatternTesting Exception (patterntesting-exception) is a framework round about exceptions. It wraps some common exception (like IOException) to provide some more information as the original exception (e.g. the filename with the absolute pathname). On the other it allows you to provoke exceptions for better testing.